Laurus Associates elevates your short sale experience.


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From Florida to Washington, we've helped families realize their goal of selling their property and moving forward with the next chapter of their lives.


Our team has extensive experience in processing short sales for sellers and buyers, therefore our expertise can lend to the buyer's successful purchase.

Short Sale experience on both sides of a transaction.


If you are in the position of needing to sell your property, whether it be unemployment, divorce,      a medical issue, business failure, death in the family, or any other unfortunate situation, we stand ready to help you navigate the daunting task of clearing the liens and judgments from the title of your property allowing you to sell free and clear.



  • A demonstrable hardship
  • Willing & able to provide personal & financial information
  • Own a property that will actually sell


If you are in the market for a short sale and you either don't know where to turn or your current option is not working to your satisfaction, contact us for our exclusive buyer representation.         Due to our extensive experience with short sales, we know what pitfalls both buyers & sellers face.  



  • Be patient, flexible, and willing to close when the time comes
  • If you're already under contract and you're having problems, be willing to accept the reason why you have problems will not make sense.
  • Divulge upfront your goals and expectations.

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